Tuscan Mastery
in Bath Design

Discover the Junior Collection, the first collection of bathroom interiors tailor-made to meet the needs of the little ones.


Each piece was designed to recreate fun and playful shapes and create an environment that transforms bath time into one of leisure and entertainment. One of a kind, it is made up of fun elements such as the cup bathtub and the cupcake sink or the tap knobs, available in playful shapes such as stars, sweets, and ducks.


Elegant minimal shapes, refined colours and materials culminate in a perfect Art Deco style


Timeless Beauty

The quintessence of a youth which never succumbs to the passing of time



The freshness of a Tuscan spring reawakens in a luminous and floral environment



Classical and refined forms which exude the noble taste of beautiful 20th century Europe



Chrome and geometries allude to the perfect Manhattan lifestyle of the early 20s


Ad Astra,

A special mood envelopes the guests and tells them
many different tales from all over the world
whilst they find themselves the centre
of one of the world’s capitals of beauty.

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When taste

goes beyond style

Park Avenue, a déjà-vu of shapes

and colours immersed in the style

of the 1920s in New York.


Our Artisans
Our Technology

Quality, beauty and creativity are the distinctive traits
of the universally acclaimed Tuscan and Florentine artisan
and artistic tradition.


A window on
Park Avenue world

The catalogues gives a striking view
on Park Avenue collections