CORA: A journey into Bond, Diamond, Intrigo, Strip decorations.

Glamour Meets Craftsmanship: The Cora Collection by Park Avenue.

Park Avenue proudly unveils the Cora Collection, a tribute to the opulent New York Art Deco era, infused with the excellence of Tuscan artisanship. This collection is a journey through four unique decors: Bond, Diamond, Intrigo, and Strip, each narrating a story of design and elegance.

Cora Bond

The Cora Bond design features geometric patterns inspired by classic New York architecture, creating an atmosphere as exquisite as a fine perfume. This decor is a harmonious symphony, exalting the Park Avenue total look that bridges classic and contemporary design.

Cora Diamond

Cora Diamond shines with boldness, embodying a renewed Art Nouveau spirit. It defines the bathroom’s style with its jewel-like doors, offering a touch of precious elegance. This decor resonates with its surroundings, crafting a natural symphony of design.

Cora Intrigo

Drawing inspiration from ancient hieroglyphs, Intrigo adds character and depth. It’s a unique expression of Park Avenue’s signature style, setting the tone for a dreamlike bathroom experience that harmonizes with the collection’s various elements.

Cora Strip

Embrace the Jazz Age splendor with Cora Strip, a decor that captures the essence of the 1920s. Its geometric design and clean lines create metal decorations that adorn vanity units, transforming spaces into sanctuaries of past opulence and sophistication.

The Cora Collection is more than just a set of designs. It’s a sensory experience that takes you on an adventure to the pinnacle of New York’s skyline while remaining true to the rich tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship.

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