Junior Collection

Park Avenue has created a magical collection that captures children’s imagination, immersing them in a fairy-tale world where their dreams come to life.

The Junior Collection is the first bathroom interior collection tailored to meet the needs of the little ones. Each piece is designed to recreate fun and playful shapes, transforming bath time into entertainment.

Included in this collection are the Cup bathtub and sink, shaped like a teacup, which bring a whimsical style to the bathroom that will satisfy and delight every child. Equally delightful is the Cake sink, resembling a cupcake, perfect for brightening up the bathroom environment.

Adding an extra touch of magic are the faucet knobs, which can be chosen in various shapes such as stars, candies, and ducklings, further customizable by selecting from Park Avenue’s range of metal finishes.

Junior is crafted with top-quality materials, providing parents who love to make their home environments unique with the opportunity to choose every element in detail and give their children a dream bathroom.

To explore the full range of products in the Junior Collection and for more information, visit the page.